1 a good mother is better than a good teacher

My mother is a friend, my mother is a teacher, my mother is the child of a guide, mother education method difference, often affect the child's life.

The author of this book is not only a good mother is a good teacher, write a book to communication between the school education and family education,family education for feeling neglected and not properly, and named as "good mother is better than a good teacher".

This is a courage, a thought, a Book of wisdom, is a rare family reading, not only dare to face the problem of education, but also a deep thinking; has the unique concept of education, more education wisdom, the most important and omnipresent love.

This book for parents, teachers read read, like me, people concerned about education will get benefit from.

I only see my kids and your child difference. From see you this article, only to find that the original is the difference between you and me -- as a mother,you are the child well education, I only take children to feed the big.

The author -- an old classmate

Each article you are like a small treasure, appearance seems very ordinary,just walked in, there will be amazing discovery. These articles read once is not enough. It is worth reading again and again. Each reading will have the new harvest, I have touched and joy. In fact, your article will not only improve my child's education level. Also promoted our own as parents, as an ordinary person's growth!

-- a netizen to the author of the blog

I also read some related to family education aspects of the book, but oftendisappointing. Read when I say every rational, but think what also can't put down the book; some books or even just to show off the "success", let a person reads more inferiority, reads more don't know how to do the parents.Read your articles, I really know the face of the child should be how to think,how to do it; my children have now on the junior high school, only hate nosooner read these articles, why don't you write it earlier?!

2 names, a certain transmission

More than two years of time, and a certain 40 times face-to-face talk, andnot limited to interview members, and a certain of more than one hundredfamily friends, rivals, colleagues, created the exclusive biography.

"Name, a certain transfer" is the name of a person, a certain only authorizedofficial biography, in the first half of 2011 by Simon Schuster USA publishersforeign publishing news since, has attracted global media and the attention of the industry, "the name Jobs biography" global publication date finalizedfor the November 21, 2011, simplified Chinese version will also be synchronized listed. Names, XXX is a creative entrepreneur, names, XXX as a roller coaster like wonderful life and sharp vehement character, full of the pursuit of perfection and the passion of commitment, names, XXX createdisruptive change, personal computer animated film, music, mobile phone,flat panel computer and digital publishing the 6 major industries. Names, a certain personality often make people around anger and despair, but to create products are closely linked with the personality, utterly inseparable,as some of the hardware and the software of the same. More than two years, and names? XXX 40 times face-to-face talk, and not limited to a certain names - interview with more than one hundred family members,friends, colleagues, competitors, created the exclusive biography. Names, a certain story is instructive, and warning significance, is filled with about innovation, personality, leadership and values of the lessons learned.

A certain person:

Names, XXX), in 1972 after graduating from high school, in XXXX, Reed college semester only read a book; in 1974 in a certain company to find design computer games work. Two years later, at the age of 21 years old of XYZ and 26 year old wo XX Aike established some computer companies in a certain family's garage in 1985 by President XX; granted to the NationalMedal of technology; in 1996, XX XX Company re hiring XXX as a part-time consultant; in 1997 September, XXX to return the company chief executive officer. In 1997 to become the "XX weekly" cover character; in 2009 by theXXX rich magazine as the ten best USA CEO, the same year was electedXXXX influential man of the year.

3 Ben parenting Wikipedia

Contemporary parenting books the first brand, selling ten anniversary edition. More than 40 years continuously revised edition, sold a total of 10 million copies, Southeast Asian countries compete to translation, the most suitable for the cultivation of the east east home baby.

The famous Japanese pediatric expert Mr. Matsuda Daoxiong "child careencyclopedia" was first published in 1967, followed by Mr. Matsuda everyaccess to new child care knowledge, stick with the child's parents exchange of child care experience, and constantly improve, add new content, after three times the mass of the revision, finally completed the "ding benparental Wikipedia".

As I had the honor to meet the staff, I strongly recommend that parents buy this book, it is like a "parenting dictionary" as a practical and reliable,detailed, exhaustive.

At that time, I was in the book under the guidance of raising my daughter,now, as a senior mother, I would recommend this book to the side of thenew mothers have a chance, and told them not to mind taking the trouble tosome confusion: the parenting process, some of the answers are in this book!

I have completely by the book and its author Mr. Matsuda conquer -- she was so diamond business, so rich in experience. May the new mother

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